Wow, it’s been what? 6 months since I last used this account?

I think that I’ll bring it back in some way, shape or form. Maybe indie RPing or something, considering I can tell than many of the other accounts here have been dead for a while. Or maybe find another group or something? I dunno.

I’ll have to remake this blog, too. A good idea.


diamond-lucas replied to your post:   diamond-lucas replied to your post: Sigh… Fall…
How’s it going?

It’s all going well, thank you. And how about you~?


diamond-lucas replied to your post: Sigh… Fall is upon us, it would seem. What a sad…
Welcome back~

Thank you~

Sigh… Fall is upon us, it would seem. What a sad season, to see the dead leaves fall. At least my gym will still look lively~

((I didn’t know what to add, but hey, came up with something. Hey again, guys, I’ll slowly start getting back into activity, I’ve decided~))

dena-andher-pichu said: ((ooc: hai im new to PV :D nice to meet yu!))

((Hey! Nice to meet ya too~ Hope you enjoy PV and all that~))

((So, long time no see guys~))

((I’m aware I missed a lot, so I’ve decided to come around and check. Expect me to actually RP with y’all by the time October starts~ But for now, what did I miss?))


Oh hey look who’s back from the dead, it’s Volkner.

That’s what you guys should be saying.

Suddenly, people returning. Lots of them.

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((I have found the solution to my password forgetting troubles))

((FOR I NOW HAVE 2 BROWSERS AND ONE WILL KEEP THIS ACCOUNT WORKING ALL THE TIME. And I can be on my main at the same time. Glorious))

petalburg-trainer-deactivated20 said: [[-nuzzles-]]

((You really are happy, ain’t ya~? :D))

petalburg-trainer-deactivated20 said: [[OH MY GOG OH MY GOG OH GOG!!!!!!!!!!! -TACKLE FUCKING HUGGLES-]]

((*falls* :D))